Neighbour Nuisance & Anti-Social Behaviour

Please be a good neighbour. You must show consideration for the peace and privacy of your neighbours. You are responsible for your own behaviour, that of your household members and of any visitors to your home.


Please be mindful of noise, especially late at night or in the early morning when neighbours are most likely to be sleeping. Common complaints are loud music, people shouting and dogs constantly barking.


Please be courteous when parking. Check cars are not blocking in neighbours’ cars or parked on another resident’s property. Ask members of your household and visitors to be considerate when leaving your property, especially late at night or during the early hours of the morning. Please note that all cars on your property must be registered and road-worthy at all times unless permission is obtained from your Tenancy Officer. You must also ask for permission to keep commercial vehicles, large trailers, caravans, horse floats, etc. on the property.

Children and Pets

Please make sure children don’t play in shared driveways or roads or trespass on other residents’ property. Please keep pets confined to your own property and don’t let them foul or damage neighbouring gardens and/or any communal areas.

Complaints against you

If you are accused of nuisance or anti-social behaviour we will listen impartially to you and the person making the complaint. If there is substantiated evidence against you, members of your household or visitors, you must immediately resolve the problem or you will be in breach of your Tenancy Agreement. Violent or threatening behaviour is not tolerated and may result in an application to Court for an immediate eviction.

Making a nuisance complaint

If you have a problem with the behaviour of another Housing Choices WA tenant, you should lodge a complaint with your Tenancy Officer who will inform you of our procedure. You will be expected to keep a detailed record of incidents to support your allegations.

If the person causing the nuisance is not an Housing Choices WA tenant, we will offer information and advice to help you resolve the problem.

You should also contact the relevant authorities where appropriate. For example, criminal activities should be reported to the police, noise nuisances to the local council and dog nuisance to the local council Rangers.

If you feel you or members of your household are at risk of violence from a neighbour you should contact the police immediately and notify your Tenancy Officer.