Get Involved

Get involved

Housing Choices WA’s Tenant Engagement Team runs a range of programs, groups and activities that focus on empowering tenants, building inclusive neighbourhoods, and ensuring tenants can have a say about what we do and how we deliver our services.

Our tenant engagement activities are informed by tenant feedback and evolve each year depending on the needs and suggestions of our tenants.

Tenant Groups

Housing Choices WA holds a range of place-based groups for tenants such as our financial wellbeing workshops and information sessions about rent setting, maintenance and community safety.

Tenants can also give feedback to Housing Choices WA at consultation groups we hold in your area. These groups provide a way for you to share your ideas and give our staff feedback about our policies, procedures, and services.

Join our Tenant Advisory Committee

The Housing Choices WA Advisory Committee of Tenants (ACT) is a tenant-led group that meets every two months to discuss issues important to tenants.

The ACT guides decision-making on how we communicate and engage with tenants and gives direct feedback about our policies, strategy, and service delivery.

Joining the committee can help you to have your voice and ideas heard, develop new skills and confidence, get to know other tenants and make a difference to the lives of people we house.

Any Housing Choices WA tenant or lodge resident can apply to join the committee. Applications are accepted year-round, and all tenants will receive training prior to joining the committee to ensure they feel comfortable and confident in their roles as tenant representatives.

Tenant Art Events

Display your artwork at our offices throughout the year and connect with other tenant artists at our Annual Tenant Art Showcase held in May each year.

End of Year Lunches

Each year Housing Choices holds End of Year lunches for tenants and staff to get together socially, build inclusive neighbourhoods and enjoy a free two course catered lunch.

Facebook page

Our Tenant Engagement Team host a Facebook page for tenants which includes details about tenant activities, updates about Housing Choices, tenancy tips and information about getting involved in your local community. You can like and follow the page to get involved with our online community at

Opportunities Fund

Take steps towards achieving your education, health and wellbeing goals with financial assistance and support through our Opportunities Fund. Each year we support up to 24 tenants from a range of backgrounds to achieve their goals and aspirations.

For more information about the Opportunities Fund please contact Alex Kepes on 08 9430 0945.

Small Sparks Fund

Want to start a group or activity with tenants in your area?

Our Small Sparks Fund provides financial support for tenants to run activities with tenants in their community. By supporting tenants to lead activities in their local area we hope to build strong and connected communities and inclusive neighbourhoods.

For more information, including help to discuss and plan your ideas, contact Alex on 08 9430 0945.

Other ways to be involved

If you prefer not to attend meetings or be part of a formal group, you can still be involved and provide feedback in other ways.

Each year we send out a survey to all our tenants to get feedback on what we are doing well and how we can improve. You can also give feedback to Housing Choices WA at any time by completing an online feedback form or by contacting Housing Choices WA by phone or email.

If you have general issues or ideas that you would like the advisory committee to discuss, you can contact Amy from the Tenant Engagement Team on 08 9430 0923 or by emailing

Information sheets

  • ACT Fact Sheet
  • Opportunities Fund Guidelines
  • Small Sparks Guidelines