What we do

Housing Choices Australia is one of Australia’s largest community housing providers. We build, develop and own a range of housing types for people on lower incomes and people with disability. Working with individuals, families, support agencies, community organisations and governments to meet specific housing needs, our rents are subsidised, based either on a discount to the market rent or as a percentage of household income (capped at 25- 30 per cent).

Community housing

Community housing is owned or managed by non-government, not-for-profit, registered housing agencies like Housing Choices. We partner with a range of support services and community organisations, enabling us  to meet the immediate and longer term needs of our residents, so that they can thrive and maintain long-term tenancies.


Specialist Disability Accomodation

Housing Choices Australia is also one of Australia’s leading providers of specialist disability housing. We dedicate at least 25% of all our tenancies to people living with disability. We work with residents to provide the best housing and tenancy solution for their needs. All Housing Choices properties are managed by trained housing officers in conjunction with our Specialist Housing Group.

Housing Choices Australia is an accredited provider of Specialist Disability Accommodation under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).


Housing First Models

Housing Choices works with a range of partners to support our residents within the Housing First Model. The Housing First Model is where the first priority is safe and permanent housing for people experiencing homelessness. Our involvement with Housing First Models is reflected in our work across the country including:

  • Catherine House provides accommodation and support services for women in South Australia with a safe, supportive environment to recover from homelessness in South Australia.
  • Common Ground – The first Common Ground project in Australia is based in the centre of Adelaide and Port Augusta. Common Ground provides a safe, permanent, and supportive housing solution that ends homelessness.
  • From Homelessness to a Home is based in Victoria and originally responded to the need for access to stable medium- and long-term housing and support for people temporarily residing in emergency accommodation during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Journey to Social Inclusion: Working in partnership with Sacred Heart Mission in Victoria, this program uses a rapid housing approach, coupled with intensive support to effectively end homelessness.
  • Independent Living Program is based in Western Australia and provides affordable housing and supports for people with severe and persistent mental health illness.


Housing Choices is an experienced and award-winning social and affordable housing developer, with a national property portfolio of $1bn and an annual turnover of $80m. We have a highly successful collaborative approach working with a range of private and public  stakeholders to realise our mission of increasing our stock of good quality social housing for people on lower incomes and people with disability.


Policy and research

We are active members of all the leading peak and industry bodies in our sector, including the Community Housing Industry Association, PowerHousing Australia and the Australian Housing Institute. Housing Choices also actively partners with research and academic bodies to inform the policy environment and encourage innovation across the housing sector. Over the years we have been actively involved in numerous studies and initiatives aimed at understanding the current and influencing future policy settings that impact on our sector and therefore our residents.