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Housing Choices Australia is committed to providing high quality, accessible and affordable housing for people who struggle to find a suitable home in Australia’s challenging private rental market. We are one of Australia’s largest developers of new social and affordable housing and provide ongoing professional tenancy management and asset management services for more than 7,450 properties and 12,352 residents to ensure everyone has a home which is well maintained, sustainable and suitable for a broad range of needs, now and into the future.

  • Tenancy management

    Housing Choices specialises in innovative people-centered housing services that open the gateway for residents to experience long term housing stability. The positive impact of affordable, good quality housing is amplified when accompanied by specialist support services and community engagement programs. Our housing officers work closely with tenants to ensure they are supported and linked to achieve the best possible outcomes in their lives and tenancies.

  • Asset management

    Our whole-of-life asset management strategy covers the entire Housing Choices portfolio to ensure a well-defined and integrated national framework for a sustainable, coordinated and effective asset management which embeds environmental, social and financial sustainability into everything we do within our organisation, and for our residents and the wider community, now and into the future. In addition to regular inspections throughout each year, we undertake individual property condition surveys on a three-year rolling basis and deliver a management plan covering maintenance, upgrades and reconfigurations.

  • Maintenance

    Our maintenance partners are critical in the delivery of a range of day-to-day responsive and long term planned maintenance services across our diverse portfolio. We value the part they play in ensuring resident satisfaction with our service delivery and ensuring that our properties are maintained to a great standard. Contractors working with Housing Choices must complete our online contractor induction program before starting work. Housing Choices will provide contractors with login details.

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HEF Funding

HEF Funding (VIC Only)

Funding available from Housing Establishment Funds (HEF) Housing Choices assists with HEF (Housing Establishment Funds) provided by the Department of Family, Fairness and Housing and is jointly funded by the Victorian and Federal governments under the National Affordable Housing Agreement.

Who is eligible? 

Clients in receipt of the Disability Support Pension (DSP) and the carers payment (carers allowance is not eligible) that have not received assistance with us in the last 12 months.

What is the funding for?  

The four categories we fund are:

  • rent in arrears
  • rent in advance
  • removalists and storage
  • emergency accommodation and SRS

How much is the funding?   

Housing Choices assists a maximum of $700 for each client as a one-off payment once every 12 months

How to apply

To apply please contact Housing Choices on 1300 312 447 and ask for a HEF officer or email and one of our advisors will be able to assist.

There are specific requirements to each funding category, if you are seeking funding for any of these categories and are on the DSP or carers payment, please contact us for further information or click the link below to access our eligibility criteria.

Read the eligibility criteria