About us

About us

Housing Choices Australia is an independent, national, not-for-profit housing provider that delivers high quality, accessible and affordable housing for people on lower incomes and people with disability. While our primary origins were in Victoria, we are now one of Australia’s largest housing providers, with a diverse housing property portfolio and residents reaching across five Australian states.

  • Vision & mission

    Australia’s private rental market presents challenges for a significant portion of the community. In particular, people on low incomes and those living with a disability.

    It is our vision that all people are affordably housed in neighbourhoods that support life opportunities.

    It is our mission to provide affordable homes across Australia, working with partners to create resilient and inclusive neighbourhoods.

  • 7,450 properties

    Housing Choices manages about 7,450 social and affordable properties that are home to 12,352 residents, in Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia, New South Wales and Tasmania. Our group housing portfolio is valued at more than $1.2 billion, generating an annual revenue of $100 million. We are also an Australian leader in the provision of Specialist Disability Accommodation.

  • 12,352 residents

    We work with residents, government agencies, support service partners and community organisations to create resilient, inclusive communities. We link residents to a range of support services and programs that create opportunities for work, education, mental and physical health as well as engagement with their local community.

  • Where we work

    We are one of the largest community housing providers in Australia, with operations in Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania, New South Wales and Western Australia.

Our guiding principles

  • We put people first. People are central to everything we do. We listen and respond with open and honest communication and a flexible approach.
  • We work together. We work collaboratively and in partnership to achieve our mission.
  • We trust and are trusted. We keep promises, are accountable and are transparent in our actions.
  • We learn and adapt. We aim to inform the policy environment, support our actions with evidence, encourage innovation and continually adapt to a changing environment.

Our entities

The Housing Choices Australia Group and Housing Choices Australia Affiliates include the following entities:

  • Housing Choices Australia Limited (Parent entity)
  • Housing Choices Tasmania Limited
  • Housing Choices South Australia Limited
  • Housing Choices NSW Limited
  • Housing Choices Western Australia Limited
  • Disability Housing Ltd
  • Singleton Equity Housing Ltd
  • Catherine House Incorporated
  • CHT Company Ltd
  • Urban Choices Property Limited (Housing Choices Australia Affiliate)