Housing Choices works in partnership with a wide range of government, support providers, corporate organisations and fee-for-service partners, to enhance and increase our impact in the social and affordable housing markets.

  • Government

    Community housing has received significant support from all three levels of government as the issue of housing affordability continues across the country. Government support can take many forms, and through this funding we are able to increase the supply of affordable housing.

  • Community

    Our partners cover a variety of sectors including disability, mental health, homelessness, family violence and community support and development. The breadth and diversity of our relationships enables us to meet the immediate and longer-term needs of our residents, so that they can thrive and maintain long-term tenancies.

  • Commercial

    Housing Choices Australia takes a strategic approach to business partnerships, engaging with companies that share our values and help us grow supply of good quality, affordable housing for Australians who are locked out of home ownership and the private rental market. Our partners include construction, development, planners, architects, designers, lending and investment. We continue to diversify our growth opportunities and innovate in the way we deliver on our mission.

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