Community housing

Community housing

Community housing is owned or managed by non-government, not-for-profit, registered housing agencies like Housing Choices. We partner with a range of support services and community organisations, enabling us to meet the immediate and longer-term needs of our residents, so that they can thrive and maintain long-term tenancies.

The community housing sector is a long standing and vital component of the Australian housing system and receives government funding to help address affordable housing shortages across the country. Over 100,000 Australian households currently live in community housing-owned and managed homes with subsidised rent, based either on a discount to the market rent or as a percentage of household income.

Social housing involves some degree of rental subsidy and is an umbrella term for public or community housing. While community housing is run by not-for-profits like Housing Choices, public housing is owned by the state governments. Community housing providers are regulated by the state and hold specialist expertise in property development, property management, tenancy management and community development.

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  • Types of housing

    Housing Choices Australia owns and manages long-term properties, ranging from apartments and units to single dwelling homes, including those in Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia and Western Australia.

  • Long-term affordable rent

    We offer long-term rental housing to residents on low to moderate incomes across a range of townhouses, high-density or stand-alone properties. Residents’ rent is capped at either 25% to 30% of their income and Commonwealth Rent Assistance or at 75% of market rent.

  • Resident centred

    Our approach to service delivery ensures that our residents are at the heart of every part of our decision making. From active involvement in our advisory committees to assisting us to develop programs that promote wellbeing, we value feedback and engagement from residents to continually shape and improve our services.

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  • Community engagement

    We aim to create thriving and inclusive communities where residents feel a sense of belonging. We regularly hold free and low-cost social events and activities that cater to the needs and interests of our residents. Workshops range from digital literacy and money management to gardening and artistic pursuits. Our events are an opportunity to meet neighbours, feel part of the community, and enjoy new experiences.

  • For purpose

    Traditional property development and real estate management is all about creating profit for shareholders. In contrast, as a not-for-profit, Housing Choices uses any profits to provide housing for people on low to moderate incomes and people who are living with a disability.

  • “It’s a nice weight off our shoulders, being here, knowing we probably won’t have to move again."


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How we allocate housing

Allocation of properties is dependent on the type of housing.

Long-term social housing is allocated in accordance with the state-based eligibility criteria and to applicants who are registered in common housing registers which are maintained by the relevant state housing authority.

Housing Choices advertises affordable housing vacancies using various means appropriate to the location and available program funding.

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Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) is advertised using the Housing Hub and NDIS SDA Finder. We work in partnership with participants, support coordinators and support partners to support people living with disability to provide specialist housing and support solutions to meet their needs.

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