Our reconciliation commitments

Housing Choices Australia is committed to an equitable and safe society for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. We believe this can only be achieved in a spirit of reconciliation between First Nations’ people and non-Indigenous Australians. Housing Choices is genuinely committed to this cause and has launched our second Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP), which maps our path to support reconciliation through building relationships, respect, opportunities and governance.

Read our Innovate RAP
  • Our vision

    Our vision for reconciliation is to ensure that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples have homes and life opportunities they value, in neighbourhoods that are inclusive and resilient. We do this through the housing we build, services we provide, workplaces we create and our support of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and organisations.

  • Our pledge

    We pledge to contribute to the social change needed to shape a tomorrow in which Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples share in an equitable, prosperous and rewarding future.

  • Our RAP journey

    Housing Choices commenced its reconciliation journey in May 2021 with the formation of our Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) Committee. In September 2021, our Reflect RAP was endorsed by Reconciliation Australia and we commenced working in earnest to embed reconciliation into our day-to-day work.

    We have since worked with Reconciliation Australia and launched our Innovate RAP in May 2024. Through our Innovate RAP, we have committed to building on the foundations of our Reflect RAP and delivering actions to achieve a more equitable society for First Nations people.

    Read our Reflect RAP