At Housing Choices, we are committed to providing quality affordable housing services and exceptional resident experience. We value your feedback – both compliments and complaints. When you tell us about your experiences with us it helps us understand what you need from our services and how we can improve them.

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If you are unhappy or concerned about a decision we have made, you may be able to lodge an appeal to have that decision formally reviewed. For example, you may feel that we haven’t considered all the information you provided, we haven’t been fair, or we have been influenced by irrelevant information. Types of decisions you can appeal include being declined a transfer or being charged for damage you don’t feel you are responsible for.

If you feel comfortable doing so, we always recommend talking to the staff member that made the decision to talk about why the decision was made. If you are still concerned or don’t feel comfortable talking to staff, you can request an Appeals Form and lodge an appeal to have the decision formally reviewed by an independent panel of staff and management.


You have the right to make a complaint about staff, contractors, or our services. We will treat anyone making a complaint with respect and deal with complaints in a fair and non-judgmental way. You have the right to make a complaint anonymously and all information received will be treated as confidential, but please note that this may impact our ability to investigate and follow up with you regarding the complaint.

When you make a complaint, tell us as much information about the issue as you can including what happened and who was involved as this will help us with our investigation.

What is the process for making a complaint?

1. You can make a complaint via letter, email, website, phone or in person.

2. We will send you an acknowledgement letter or email within 2 business days with your unique complaint ID which you can reference when seeking updates on the progress of your complaint.

3. Please note we may contact you or your advocate (if you have one) for more information during the investigation.

4. We aim to resolving your complaint within 30 working days. Once the investigation is completed, we will advise you of the outcome of your complaint and let you know what actions we are taking.

How do I send a compliment, complaint or feedback?

Housing Choices WA welcomes feedback about our services at any time.

You can tell us your views:

  • by telephoning customer services on 1300 312 447
  • in person
  • by letter, or
  • by email to:

Read the Appeals Policy here. 

Read the Feedback and Complaints Policy here. 

Read the Managing Unreasonable Complaints and Complainant Conduct Policy here.

Read the Whistleblower Policy here.