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Complaints and Feedback

At Housing Choices, we are committed to providing quality affordable housing services and an exceptional resident experience. We value your feedback – both compliments and complaints. When you tell us about your experiences with us it helps us understand what you need from our services and how we can improve them.

View the Compliments, Complaints and Appeals brochure here

Initial contact

If you feel that we have not dealt with things properly or we have not provided you with the service you expected, then you can make a complaint. In most cases, these issues can be resolved quickly by talking to staff about them.

Customers may make a complaint to anyone in the organisation. We will try to deal with the issue straight away.

If you are unhappy about our services and wish to make a complaint or are unhappy with the process we have used to manage a complaint and want to appeal a decision we have made, you can expect us to:

record, investigate and try to resolve the matter
let you know what is happening throughout the process
deal fairly and effectively with your concern
use information from complaints and appeals to review and improve the way we do things in the future.
Initially, your complaint will be sent to a manager to look into and they will contact you to discuss this directly, so please provide a daytime telephone number.




When we receive a formal complaint, we will acknowledge it within one working day and will refer it to the relevant manager. We will check whether you need any kind of support, and we will explain the procedure.

Most complaints can be resolved within 10 to 30 working days, but sometimes it will take longer. If the timescale we agree needs to be changed for any reason, we will consult with you. We will provide a full written response in plain English. It will contain a summary of the complaint, our response including any action we are taking, an apology if appropriate, and details of how to appeal against our decision.


How do I send a compliment, complaint or feedback?

You can tell us your views:

  • by telephoning customer services on 1300 312 447
  • in person
  • by letter, or
  • by email to:

Read the Whistleblower Policy here.

Read the Feedback and Complaints Policy here.

Read the Appeals Policy here.

Read the Managing Unreasonable Complaints or Complainant Conduct Policy here.


We accept complaints in any language. If a customer needs help to put their complaint in writing, or needs an interpreter to help them make a verbal complaint, we will make the necessary arrangements for this on request.


Once an outcome of your complaint has been provided to you, If you believe we have not provided you with an adequate response, or you feel we have not managed your complaint well, we welcome your feedback to us. Once we have discussed your concerns and you if still remain dissatisfied the way your complaint was handled, you have the right to request a formal appeal. On receipt of a formal appeal we will refer the matter to an investigator, who will be a manager who has not been involved in the original investigation of the complaint. The appointed manager will either:

  • refer the complaint back to the service with a request to reconsider all or specific parts of the complaint
  • investigate the matter and review the original decision
  • advise that no further action will be taken, if they decide that the complaint has been dealt with fairly, and in accordance with our policies and procedures at the formal stage.

If your complaint is not resolved by Housing Choices Tasmania you can make a formal complaint to:

Consumer Affairs Tasmania
Phone: 1300 654 499

Phone: (03) 6166 3628

Ombudsman Tasmania
Phone: 1800 001 170