Policies and resources, TAS

Housing Choices Tasmania complies with all relevant legislative and regulatory requirements. To help you know what these requirements are and how they shape our working practices and processes, we have provided a range of policies below for your reference. Please feel free to talk with your Housing Officer about any of the policies.




Appeals Policy
Code of Conduct
Collection Statement
Conflict of Interest Policy
Feedback and Complaints Policy
Managing Unreasonable Complaints or Complainant Conduct Policy
National Housing Service Standards
Privacy Policy
Whistleblower Policy




Consumer and Business Services (if the neighbour causing the disturbance is renting the property from the owner)
Community Mediation Services 
Legal Services Commission 
TAS Gov Au  
Bond Refunds 

Advocacy services


There may be occasions when you may want to seek out independent housing advice or understand what your rights are, and we encourage you to do so at any time. The Tenants Union of Tasmania is a service offering free independent advice and support to all renters, including housing choices Tasmania residents.



Housing Choices Tasmania is committed to protecting your privacy. We will only ever collect personal information directly related to providing you with assistance and services.

Please also be assured that personal information (including documents containing personal information) will only be provided to a third-party with either your consent, or where we are required to by law.

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