Making changes to your home

General modification

You might wish to make improvements to your home. For example, add extensions to fencing, air conditioning, awnings or skylights. At Housing Choices South Australia, we want to work with you to make sure that any changes to your home are safe, professional and do not damage the property. Any changes you wish to make requires Housing Choices South Australia’s approval before the work starts. If we approve the work, then in most cases you will need to cover the cost yourself. In some instances, your improvement may require local council approval and may incur a planning fee, which you will be responsible to pay.

Disability modification

You can request – either for yourself or for a household member – maintenance works that will improve the access and/or amenities of your property. These works are generally requested because the existing housing presents a health and/or safety risk for the household member with a disability.

For us to determine the urgency of the request, we need supporting information from a health professional. For example, an occupational therapist or medical practitioner. This information must confirm the need for and urgency of the modifications, the type of modifications required and how they will be funded if the request is for Housing Choices South Australia to complete the work.

All modifications are assessed on a case-by-case basis.

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Important information relating to plumbing work

Gas compliance certificates need to be provided for any plumbing work. Only a licenced plumber may issue a compliance certificate. A compliance certificate is how a licensed plumber self-certifies that the plumbing work complies with all legislative requirements.

Important information relating to electrical work

Whenever a licensed electrician completes any electrical installation work, they must provide a certificate of electrical safety. This work covers all work done on wiring where you can switch off the electricity at the switchboard. For example, this might include the installation or maintenance of safety switches, circuit breakers, power points, non-plug-in electrical equipment or lighting points within the house.