Housing Choices Australia complies with all relevant legislative and regulatory requirements. To help you know what these requirements are and how they shape our working practices and processes, we have provided a range of policies below for your reference. Please feel free to talk with your Housing Officer about any of the policies.

As representatives of our diverse residents, Housing Choices Victorian Resident Advisory Committee (VRAC) members play a key role in reviewing and providing feedback on our tenancy management and tenancy rights and participation policies. Importantly, the VRAC members assist Housing Choices in assessing how visible and accessible these policies are for all residents and interested applicants. VRAC meetings are held quarterly and a standing agenda item on policy updates is included.

Code of Conduct

Collection Statement

Complaints and Appeals Policy

Conflict of Interest Policy

Eligibility and Allocation Policy

Financial Hardship and Temporary Absence Policy

National Housing Service Standards

Privacy Policy

Privacy Statement

Rent Setting Policy

Transitional Housing Management (THM) Policy