My tenancy

My tenancy

How is my rent calculated?


Your eligibility to apply for a home under a particular housing program is determined by a number of factors including your combined household income.

The actual rent you pay and how it is calculated then depends on whether your home is part of a social-or affordable-housing.

Social housing rents


Depending on the program, social housing rents are charged as a percentage of household income plus 100 per cent of Commonwealth Rental Assistance (CRA). For more information see Department of Human Services – Rent Assistance.

The percentage depends on the state you live in and the particular housing program that you have accessed. The maximum percentage of household income we charge is 30 per cent.

For more information about how your rent is calculated, please refer to the Housing Choices Rent Setting Policy [Victoria] or contact your Housing Officer.

Affordable housing rents


Affordable housing rents are based on what is known as the market rent. The market rent reflects what it would cost to rent the property through a private landlord. Affordable housing rates will be no more than 75 per cent of the market rent for a property, which is a discounted Market Rent.

  • Market rent is reviewed and adjusted, generally on an annual basis.

How and when to pay rent


Rent is calculated each week. You can pay your rent either weekly or fortnightly. We offer a range of ways to pay:

  • through the Rent Deduction Scheme (for Centrelink recipients)
  • through the Centrepay system (for Centrelink recipients)
  • by automatic bank transfer.

We do not offer direct-debit services for rent payments, but you can organise your own automatic bank transfers into our account.

We need you to pay two weeks’ rent in advance.

Income changes


It is your responsibility to notify Housing Choices Australia of any change in your income and/or family circumstances within 14 days of the effect of that change.

If you receive Centrelink payments, you will also need to advise Centrelink of any change in income and/or family circumstances so your payments and Commonwealth Rent Assistance payments are reviewed.

What happens if I don’t pay my rent on time?


If you are finding it hard to pay your rent and are worried about falling behind with your rent payments, you should contact your Housing Officer as soon as you can.

We will help you to come to an agreement to pay off any money that you owe at a reasonable rate. However, should you fail to keep to this agreement we are entitled to take legal action which could ultimately lead to you losing your home.

I’m in debt. Where can I get help?


There are a number of services that can assist you. Financial counsellors provide information, support and advocacy to help people in financial difficulty. Their services are free, independent and confidential. Contact your Housing Officer, who can provide you with details of financial counselling in your local area.

Will I be evicted if I don’t pay my rent?


If your rent account continues to fall into serious rent arrears and you do not comply with the agreement to pay, and do not keep in touch with us, there is the possibility that you could be evicted.