Ending Your Tenancy

You may find yourself in a situation where you want to end your tenancy agreement with Housing Choices Australia. To do this you must provide at least 28 days notice notice to your Housing Officer in writing either by email, post, in person or by fax.

The notice must:

  • Be signed and dated
  • Give the date when you will be giving vacant possession(removed all your belongings and handed in the keys)
  • Include the reason for ending the tenancy

You should also download the Vacate Cleaning Checklist to ensure the property is left in a suitable condition. You may incur a debt and/or lose part of your entire bond if the items on the checklist are not completed.

Your Housing Officer will complete a final outgoing inspection when you have cleaned the property and returned the keys. If there are no outstanding costs, your Housing Officer will sign the bond form and the bond will be refunded to you.

You can telephone your Housing Officer if you are not sure about the procedure, or if you have any questions