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Tenant Programs


Housing Choices WA is committed to investing in programs and engagement activities that improve our tenants’ wellbeing and social inclusion.

Housing Choices WA’s Tenant Support and Capacity Building team delivers a range of initiatives that focus on empowering tenants and building community connections.

Our tenant programs are informed by tenant feedback and evolve to suit the needs of our tenant community.

Our current tenant programs include:

Opportunities Fund
Take steps towards achieving your education and wellbeing goals with financial assistance and support through our Opportunities Fund.

Tenant Art Display
Display your artwork at our offices throughout the year and connect with other tenant artists at our annual Tenant Art celebration.

Tenant Focus Groups
Each year Housing Choices WA holds a range of place-based capacity building programs such as our Financial Workshops, Pathways to Volunteering workshops and Aged Care and Wellness information sessions.

Do you have an idea for a tenant program?
Our tenant programs are guided by you, our highly valued tenants, and we always welcome your feedback and ideas.

You can share your views by completing an online feedback form or by contacting our Tenant Engagement and Capacity Building Officer Alex Kepes on 9430 0900.

Tenant Focus Groups

Housing Choices WA’s tenant focus groups aim to link tenants with services and resources in their local community. They also provide a way for Housing Choices WA staff and tenants to share information, get feedback and connect with each-other over a cup of coffee and morning tea.

Housing Choices WA has partnered with many local community organisations to deliver a range of place-based tenant focus groups across the Perth metropolitan, Peel and South West regions.

Over the past two years, we have run the following series of focus groups and have seen tenants build their aspiration and capacity while also increasing their participation with the company and their community.

Our Tenant Focus Groups

My Aged Care information and wellness sessions

We partnered with Southern Plus to deliver My Aged Care information sessions in Mandurah, Maddington and Bunbury to support tenants to navigate a changing aged care system.

The My Aged Care information and wellness sessions provide up to date information on aged care services and provide an opportunity for tenants to share their experiences and wellness resources with each other.

“This morning’s (My Aged Care information and wellness) session removed some of the fear factor involved in accessing help.” – Maddington session participant.

Managing on a Low-Income Financial Workshops

Our award-winning How to Manage on a Low-Income Financial Workshops program is a collaboration between us, our tenants and the Financial Counselling Network.

These workshops encourage participants to share their existing financial knowledge, learn from other tenants and get to know their local financial counsellor.

Our staff facilitate discussions around managing on a low income but, ultimately, the sessions are led by tenants who discuss money management and local tips and resources.

“It’s helpful to meet others with the same experiences who are in the same situation as me. I feel like I’m not alone.” – Financial Workshop participant

Pathways to Volunteering sessions

We have held Pathways to Volunteering sessions in partnership with Volunteering Resource Centers in Mandurah, Rockingham, Kelmscott and Armadale.

Participating tenants were able to connect with their local volunteer coordinator, learn about the benefits of volunteering, share their volunteering experiences and sign up for volunteering roles.

“I was oblivious to volunteering and how to go about getting involved. This session organised by Housing Choices WA has really been invaluable.” – Rockingham session participant.

Housing Choices WA information sessions

We launched a new series of information sessions about our policies in 2019, based on findings from our Annual Tenant Survey.

The first series of focus groups focused on Rent Setting and provided tenants with an opportunity to learn more about how we calculate rents.

The Rockingham session, pictured, was a highly successful and well attended event.

“I learnt information I didn’t have before about rent setting… I felt that my concerns or questions were important and answered in the best way they could be.” – Rockingham rent setting session participant.

NDIS Information Sessions
We collaborated with APM for a series of focus groups to provide tenants and their carers and supports with information about the National Disability Insurance Scheme. The workshops focused on discussing how tenants may be able to access support though the scheme.

What tenant focus groups would you like to see?
Our tenant focus groups are guided by you!

If there is a tenant focus group you would like to see in your area, or you have an idea for a focus group, please let us know by contacting our Tenant Engagement and Capacity Building Officer Alex Kepes on 9430 0900 or via

Tenant Art Display

We have been displaying tenant art in the foyer of our Rivervale office since 2018. Over the past two years we have had more than 20 tenants participate in our rotating display.

The Tenant Art Display aims to celebrate the talent and passion of our tenant artists and promote the health and wellbeing benefits of engaging in art.

Housing Choices WA welcomes tenant art of all kinds. To date, works we have exhibited have included paintings, drawings, woodwork pieces, pyrography, sculptures and bottle top art.

Each year we host a celebratory event where tenants who contributed to the display enjoy a light lunch and mingle with fellow tenants and staff. Our annual Art Display event also provides an opportunity for tenants to provide feedback on the display and brainstorm ways
we can continue to support tenant artists through our
tenant engagement and capacity building programs.

Based on the popularity of our Tenant Art Display at our Rivervale office, we are now also looking to expand our display to our Mandurah and Bunbury offices to enhance opportunities for regional tenants to be involved.

Tenants can register their interest to get involved at any time!

For information on how to get involved please click here to read our Tenant Art Display factsheet or contact our Tenant Engagement and Capacity Building Officer Alex Kepes on 9430 0900 or email

Opportunities Fund

The Housing Choices WA Opportunities Fund provides financial assistance to tenants to support their education, training and wellbeing goals.

By supporting the social and economic inclusion of our tenants we hope to help build capacity, confidence and create opportunities for tenants to reach their goals.

We aim to support aspirational tenants, or members of their household, by offering funds to assist with education courses, vocational training, study related costs and funds to support skills development and wellness activities.

The Opportunities Fund could assist you to;

gain a qualification;
follow your passion;
learn something new;
connect with your community; or
improve your health and wellness

Alongside financial support, beneficiaries of the Opportunities Fund receive ongoing guidance and support from our Tenant Engagement and Capacity Building Officer Alex Kepes.

We have supported 27 tenants through the Opportunities Fund over the past two years. Our Opportunities Fund beneficiaries are from a range of backgrounds with diverse goals and aspirations.

Would you like more information?
Read our Opportunities Fund Fact Sheet or contact our Tenant Engagement and Capacity Building Officer Alex Kepes on 9430 0900 or

One of our 2019 Opportunities Fund recipients, Amy, received financial support and guidance through the Opportunities Fund to study a Certificate III in Community Services.

“Wow, I can hardly believe it. I have passed my Certificate III in Community Services! I had a lot of challenges to overcome, a lot of self-doubt and low self-esteem. However, once I got over those challenges, I breezed through the course.

“One thing that helped me was the laptop I received through the Opportunities Fund to help me with my studies. I am so grateful for the support I received that helped me overcome my challenges.

“As my confidence and self-worth grew, my appearance changed as well. I started to dress professionally and started taking more pride in myself. I reached out to a local community volunteer organisation and joined their Street Outreach team and I am going to start volunteering at an after-school program to help children from domestic violence backgrounds.

“It feels so good to be giving back and also gain hands on experience while getting my qualifications.

“This year I am entering the Certificate IV in Community Services and next year I will be doing my Diploma in Community Services. I have a plan to gain employment in the domestic violence sector so I can support, educate and help those recovering from domestic violence. I really want to give back. It is good to have goals and dreams and to be taking steps towards achieving them.

“I would like to thank Alex and the Opportunities Fund for the opportunities it has given me and the endless support.”