Customer service

Housing Choices Tasmania is committed to providing the best quality services we can for our customers.

We believe that successful tenancies start from your first interaction with us and continue with the development of a positive relationship built on open communication and trust.

As part of our commitment to our customers have developed our National Housing Service Standards. The standards will enable us to capture our ‘best practice’ and ensure we apply this level of service provision consistently across our operations.

From our customers’ perspective, the standards will be a guideline against which services can be measured including the service standards that you can expect to receive from Housing Choices Tasmania.

The standards align to the National Regulatory System for Community Housing (NRSCH). The Housing Choices Australia group – National Housing Service Standards document.

Shorewell Park Master Plan

Community Update


As many of you are no doubt aware Housing Choices Tasmania has been working hard to prepare a Master Plan for Shorewell Park. We wanted to thank of you that have helped out to date. We are now getting closer to finalising the Master Plan which will be designed to make Shorewell Park a great place to live. The plan will be finalised in late August or early September. We look forward to your continued involvement.

Take a look at the updated Master Plan online, or if you would like to get involved it’s not too late, please either email us or call on 1300 312 447.

We will continue to seek input from a range of Housing Choices Tasmania’s key stakeholders – our staff, residents and people on our waiting list, as well as external parties including our support partners, peak organisations, state government departments and regulators.

We thank everyone for their contributions to date and look forward to continuing to building our quality services. At Housing Choices Tasmania, we are committed to providing an excellent service to you.