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Eligibility and Income Asset Limits

To view Eligibility and Income Asset Limits, please click here.

General Housing

General Housing is allocated to applicants that are on the Department of Communities (Housing) Joint Wait List for accommodation and have indicated that they wish to be considered for Community Housing. An application form can be downloaded from their website. Alternatively, click here for more information about applying for housing with the Department of Communities (Housing).

What is the Joint Wait List?
The Department of Communities (Housing) manages a central list of applicants, which is shared by a number of housing providers including Housing Choices WA.

To be listed on the Joint Wait List you must apply directly to your local Department of Communities (Housing) office and prove that you are an eligible applicant. The Housing Authority will automatically provide your details to Community Housing Organisations to be considered for a wider choice of housing unless you opt out of being put on the joint waitlist in your application.

Specialist Housing

Housing Choices WA manages a range of properties that are specifically designed or acquired for people with either a disability or a need for support. These properties can either be long term or transitional.

Accommodation for clients requiring support is allocated in partnership with supporting agencies only.

Independent Living Program (ILP) for people with mental illness

Housing Choices WA has a significant portfolio providing long term accommodation to tenants with severe and persistent mental illness. These homes are located within the South-Metro area of Perth and the Peel region.

If you think you are eligible for our ILP, please apply through your local mental health clinic or contact your local Housing Choices WA office. Your application will need to be supported by your case manager.

Housing Choices WA ILP information brochures
Tenant Information brochure

Referral guide

Mental Health and Disability – Community Disability Housing program

Housing Choices WA works with a range of disability support agencies to provide permanent, supported accommodation for tenants with disabilities. We receive nominations for properties via the following;

  • Disabilities Service Commission
  • Mental Health Commission
  • Drug and Alcohol Services

Please discuss your requirements with your case worker if you think you qualify.

Transitional Accommodation

Housing Choices WA provides a range of short to medium term accommodation, which is accessed via various support services in the community. If you are working with support service providers that have access to accommodation, they will discuss with you directly if you qualify.

To be eligible for Transitional Accommodation, in general you need to satisfy the eligibility requirements to go on the Department of Communities (Housing) Joint Wait List and then meet the specific requirements of the particular program you wish to apply for, including:

Domestic Violence

Lodging Houses

Housing Choices WA manages lodging style houses in Fremantle and Bunbury.

Fremantle locations

12 bed spaces for single males aged 30 to 55.

5 bed spaces for single males aged 55 and over.


37 bed spaces for single females and males aged 18 years and over.

Residents have their own bedroom and share common areas such as kitchens and living areas at all lodging facilities.

Applications for lodging houses should be made directly to an Housing Choices WA office. Applicants must satisfy Community Housing income and asset eligibility criteria.

Housing waiting times

It is not possible to give a definite answer as to how long it will be before you receive an offer of housing from Housing Choices WA.

  • When you join the Department of Communities (Housing) Joint Wait List (JWL) – you will be added to the bottom of the particular list for the property zone and size you have been approved for. Your application will move up the list as time goes on. It is only when you get to the top of the wait list that you will be offered accommodation. This process means that all applicants must wait their turn and do not get housed ahead of others on the same wait list.
  • You can not specify who you wish to be housed with and Housing Choices WA will only be able to consider you for housing if you have indicated that you are interested in being considered for Community Housing.
  • If you are offered a property and you decline this offer without good reason, your application will be removed from the JWL for a period of time.
  • Your application will be reviewed each year by the Department of Communities (Housing) to check that you are still eligible for, and in need of, assistance. It is very important that you return this completed review as soon as possible. If your contact details or postal address change you must advise the Department of Communities (Housing) of this so that your review is sent to the correct address.
  • Remember that if your application is not included for Community Housing, Housing Choices WA will not be able to make you an offer.
  • Although we have more than 1,800 properties, Housing Choices WA experiences a low vacancy rate. We will call you if we are in a position to offer you accommodation.
  • We are unable to tell you where you are on the wait list and any enquires should be made to the Department of Communities (Housing).

Emergency Accomodation

Housing Choices WA does NOT provide any immediate housing options, nor does it provide emergency accommodation.

For more information about emergency / crisis accommodation providers, please click here.

Applications and Allocations Policy

To view our applications and allocations policy, click here.

Starting a Tenancy

Offer of Accommodation

Before Housing Choices WA offers you accommodation we will have been in touch with you to request you complete and provide back to us;

  • An Housing Choices WA Application Form (although you would have completed a Department of Communities (Housing) application form, Housing Choices WA does not receive all of your details from the Department of Communities (Housing) application);
  • A 100 point identify check for all applicants going on the tenancy agreement;
  • A passport photograph for all applicants going on the tenancy agreement;
  • Proof of income and assets for all household members;
  • Completion of Income and Eligibility Form.

When we have confirmed that you are still eligible for accommodation and what your needs are, we will make you an offer of accommodation and arrange for you to view the property.

We will also advise you of what the rent and bond is likely to be and any particular rules attached to the property e.g. if you are allowed a pet.

Sign Up Meeting

You will be asked to attend a meeting with your Tenancy Officer that will see us go through your Tenancy Agreement in detail. Please allow at least one hour for this meeting.

You will need to have paid your bond and two (2) weeks rent in advance before we have this meeting. You may be able to apply to the Department of Communities (Housing) for their Bond Assistance Loan.

During this meeting we will discuss:

1) Your Tenancy Agreement

Your Tenancy Agreement is a legal document. It is very important that you keep to the conditions of your Tenancy Agreement or you may lose your home. If you need any clarification on your Tenancy Agreement please speak to your Tenancy Officer. You can also seek advice from or your local community legal advice centre.

If your property is a strata property you will also be advised of the strata bylaws.

2) Your Ingoing Property Condition Report

Within seven (7) days of your tenancy commencing, you will be provided with a report detailing the condition of your property. You will be asked to review this report and return it to us within seven (7) days, especially if you disagree with anything on the report.

Your Ingoing Property Condition Report is important as we will expect your property to be returned to us at the same standard as when you moved in. We do allow for normal wear and tear but any damage to the property will be your responsibility to repair prior to moving out.

3) Your Rent

Your rent is due each fortnight and must be paid two (2) weeks in advance. We will try to align your rent invoice to the day you get paid but that is not always possible.

It is your responsibility to make sure your payments are up to date. If you experience difficulties paying your rent you should always contact your Tenancy Officer.

Your rent is based on your household income and will be explained to you prior to you signing the Tenancy Agreement. The rent will be reviewed annually but if your household income changes you must inform us of the changes within 14 days so we can recalculate your rent.

We will discuss how you are going to pay your rent and assist you with setting up direct payments from Centrelink (if applicable).

4) Your Home Utility Services

We can assist you with getting your home utility services such as water, electricity and gas connected by helping you complete a connectnow form. You are responsible for the payment of your utilities and will need to register your details and apply for any concessions you may be entitled to.

5) Rent Assistance

As a tenant of Housing Choices WA you may qualify for Commonwealth Rent Assistance and must apply immediately and directly to Centrelink or the Department of Veterans’ Affairs. This payment will be paid directly to you and will assist you in paying your rent.

6) Your Next of Kin

We will ask you to provide us with contact details of your Next of Kin or someone we can contact in an emergency.

Your Sign Up Meeting is an ideal time to ask your Tenancy Officer or a Tenancy Assistant any questions you may have. They will also be a good source of information to you throughout your tenancy, so feel free to contact them should you have any additional questions during your tenancy.