Applying for housing with Housing Choices South Australia

Housing Choices South Australia is one of many Community Housing Organisations in South Australia.

Housing Choices South Australia has a range of housing programs designed to assist:

  • single people
  • aged people
  • families
  • people who have experienced homelessness and are looking for support to connect with services they can engage with

Our housing is located in the Adelaide CBD and through the North-East suburbs and consists of:

  • High density apartment buildings
  • Units
  • Attached and detached houses

Not all sites have car parking, and within the CBD there are no car parking facilities in our buildings.

How is rent calculated?

Rent is calculated on household income – this ranges from 25%* up to 30%.

*special conditions apply for people on very low incomes

To apply for housing, you can review the eligibility requirements here however in summary, you can register for public and community housing if you

  • Live in South Australia
  • Don’t own or partly own residential property
  • Have an independent income.

Your household’s income must be less than or equal to the income and asset limits unless you have special circumstances.

How to register

To Register for all types of public and community housing go to the Housing Connect and follow the instructions.

Alternatively, you can contact Housing Choice South Australia direct on 1300 312 447 or email, and the forms can be sent to you.

Making an offer of housing

All registrations are held in a common database referred to as the Single Housing Register.  The SHR maintains all housing registrations based on:

  • the category
  • the date they were approved for Category 1 or 2
  • the date they registered their interest
  • an approved benefit date – if applicable

When a property is ready to be allocated, a report is generated that will best match the property with all suitable registrants.  Before making an offer of housing, we will confirm the selected registrant is still eligible for housing, that the property is suitable for their household and circumstances, and other conditions we must comply with.

Housing Choices South Australia has a number of Specialist Disability Accommodation units available.  To find out more about these properties please visit or email