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Our maintenance partners are critical in the delivery of a range of maintenance services across our diverse portfolio. We value the part they play in ensuring resident satisfaction with our service delivery and ensuring that our properties are maintained to a great standard.

Workplace Health and Safety Commitment

Housing Choices Australia is committed to ensuring the health and safety of all residents that live in our properties and to all contractors that undertake works to those properties.

For this reason, our contractors are required to satisfy all applicable legislative Workplace Health and Safety (WH&S) requirements together with our own internal standards of service delivery.

Our priority is to provide good quality homes for our residents and to maintain them to a high standard. We therefore regularly review our contractors’ WH&S systems and past safety performance and will only work with contractors who meet our standards.

Contractor Induction

Contractors working with Housing Choices must complete our online contractor induction program before starting work.

It is the principal contractor’s responsibility to ensure that all of its staff, including subcontractors, who work on Housing Choices sites are familiar with our Work Health and Safety policies and procedures. We encourage you to ask your own employees and subcontractors to complete our induction program.

To access the online induction, visit safetyinduct using the login and password provided by Housing Choices.

Become a Contractor

In each state in which we operate, Housing Choices Australia has a local panel of maintenance contractors across multiple disciplines.

To become a registered contractor – please contact us on the numbers below:

  • 1300 321 185 – Victoria
  • 1300 512 583 – Tasmania
  • 1300 153 850 – South Australia

You will then be able to speak with one of our local Property and/or Maintenance Team Leaders. Alternatively email our Maintenance Team at Housing Choices.