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Our Story

About us

Housing Choices is a national, not-for-profit housing provider that creates safe, quality, affordable housing for people who are struggling to find a home in Australia’s challenging private rental market.

Established in 2008, Housing Choices is governed by a Board of Directors with a broad range of business skills and commitment to social outcomes required to run a growing social-housing enterprise.

We employ more than 135 staff in Victoria, Tasmania and South Australia, who are overseen by an experienced management team with skills in tenancy management, project management, financial management, human resources and marketing and communications.

We are members of the leading peak and industry bodies in our sector, including Community Housing Industry Association, Community Housing Federation of Victoria, PowerHousing Australia and the Australasian Housing Institute.

Housing Choices is registered with and regulated by the Victorian Housing Registrar.

In Tasmania and South Australia, Housing Choices operates under a Tier 1 Status as regulated by the National Regulatory System Community Housing.

We strongly believe in the importance and value of working in partnership with our residents, support partners, community organisations and staff to create resilient, inclusive neighbourhoods across Australia.

What we do

Housing Choices’ core business is to provide people with safe and affordable housing. But a house is more than bricks and mortar and a neighbourhood is more than buildings and roads. The key is the people who live in our houses, the families who populate our neighbourhoods and the relationships they establish with us and each other. That is why we value how we interact with our residents and the feedback we receive from them.

From the welcoming smile they receive at our office receptions, to the phone call inquiry that is answered by a human or returned promptly, to timely response to a request for information or property maintenance, we are committed to treating our residents with the utmost respect and consideration.

Each year, our Resident and Partner Satisfaction Surveys provide critical information about what we are doing well, where we can improve, and help us monitor the working relationships that are vital to supporting our residents into stable, long-term accommodation.

Not only do we want our residents to believe and trust in our commitment to them, we also recognise that as a recipient of significant amounts of public and other money in the form of rent, grants, government funding, bank loans and service fees, our internal management systems, financial controls and compliance responsibilities must be delivered to the highest possible standards. With assets in excess of $640 million, cashflow approaching $150 million p.a. and over 5,500 tenancies, we are much than a ‘cottage industry’ and we support and welcome effective regulation and oversight of our services.

Our aim is to develop innovative housing solutions based on real evidence and ensure our experience is documented and evaluated so we can advocate for our residents and adapt our business to what is a constantly changing sector environment.