Teresa and Stjepan’s early Christmas gift in St Albans

Despite working in Australia for more than 60 years between them, retired couple Teresa and Stjepan (pictured above) were struggling to make the ever-increasing private rental payments when they were offered a home in St Albans, Victoria. The pair moved into their brand-new apartment just in time for Christmas.

Located close to their only daughter and grandchildren in Melbourne’s west, Teresa said becoming Housing Choices residents had been a welcome gift after a string of bad luck. A few years ago, Stjepan was diagnosed with cancer and Teresa left her job to be his full-time carer. During this time, the pair were forced to tap into their pension in a bid to stay afloat. The couple were on the social housing waitlist for almost a decade when they were allocated their property in St Albans.

Becoming community housing residents has reduced the pair’s financial stress and allowed them to enjoy their retirement, while ensuring they have a safe, stable and affordable place to call home.

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