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What We Do

Providing Australians in need with a safe and secure home is at the centre of what we do, and our mission grows ever more important as Australia’s housing crisis continues. We work with Federal, State and Local Governments, industry partners and property developers to ensure our housing meets all regulatory and accreditation standards, while providing residents with housing stability.

We are active members of all the leading peak and industry bodies in our sector, including the Community Housing Industry Association, PowerHousing Australia and the Australasian Housing Institute.

Many of our senior executives hold one or more key positions on the various State and Federal peak bodies and government advisory agencies that oversee and advise our sector.

Housing Choices collaborates to build strong relationships with community houses, child and family centres, councils and the police. We use established systems and processes and are attentive to maintenance of properties, and the needs of localised offices and staff. From the welcoming smile they receive at our office receptions, to the phone call enquiry that is answered by a human or returned promptly, to timely response to a request for information or property maintenance, we are committed to treating our residents with the utmost respect and consideration.

Responding effectively to the often-changing needs of the residents who live in our homes and to the families in our communities is the key to our success. Our annual Resident Satisfaction Survey, and regular Partners Surveys, provide critical feedback about what we are doing well and where we can improve, enabling us to adjust our services and build long-term working relationships with our residents, so we can continue to provide them with the stable accommodation they need, to live their best lives.

We constantly strive for innovative housing solutions for our residents, based on real evidence, ensuring our service delivery is documented and evaluated so we can adapt our business to changing needs over time.

Our Functions

Social and Affordable Housing

We offer long-term rental housing to residents on low to moderate incomes across a range of townhouses, high-density or stand-alone properties. Residents’ rent is capped at either 30% of their income or at 75% of market rent.

Facilities Management

Our whole-of-life Asset Management Strategy covers the entire Housing Choices portfolio of over 7,000 properties. We undertake individual property condition surveys on a three-year rolling basis and deliver a management plan for each property with identified programmes for maintenance, upgrades and reconfigurations. Our aim is to ensure the maximum life of a property, to the highest possible standards.


Housing Choices strives not only to deliver safe and secure housing for Australians in need, but to build innovative, sustainable properties that will last well into the future. In 2020, Housing Choices was shortlisted in the 2020 Victorian Architecture Awards and received a commendation for our Hemmings Street, Dandenong Property in the ‘Residential Architecture – Multiple Housing’ category. This showcases that not only are we a leader in community housing, but also in architecture and design.

NDIS Provider of Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA)

Providing safe and accessible housing for people living with a disability is a core element of Housing Choices operations. Our specialist disability accommodation models include supported accommodation, independent living and shared equity. Housing Choices has a dedicated NDIS team that draws expertise from across the organisation, including in project design and development, financial management, accessibility, and support service partner co-ordination. In Victoria, Housing Choices is the largest non-government housing provider for people living with a disability.

Tenancy Management

Our Tenancy Management services deliver innovative and high-quality housing services to tenants. We value input from our residents and work with external partners to deliver sustainable tenancies and resident choice.

Private Real Estate Connect | Urban Choices Property (UCP)

Urban Choices Property is Housing Choices’ private real estate arm. UCP is a commercially operated, not-for-profit property management and real estate agency with high level expertise in property management, sales and NRAS compliance.

Common Ground

Common Ground is a housing model which adopts a permanent, supportive housing solution to end homelessness. We provide people with a safe place to live permanently and the support to help them achieve stability in their lives. Common Ground Adelaide was established in 2006 by members of the Adelaide business community and the South Australian Government. In 2015, the organisation joined forces with Housing Choices Australia, ensuring Common Ground’s sustainability into the future.

Ageing in Place

Housing Choices works with architects, designers and key research groups such as Monash University’s Art Design and Architecture (MADA) to develop innovative and adaptable designs to accommodate ageing in place. Our aim is to incorporate innovative housing and flexible space capabilities in our properties, to allow living spaces to be adjusted to meet the changing needs of a resident over a lifetime.

In Adelaide, Housing Choices has established a significant partnership with the State Government (SA Housing) and ACH Group to deliver suitable housing options to better meet the needs of social and affordable housing tenants as they age, helping reduce preventable hospital admissions and avoiding premature entry to specialist aged care.

How We Fund

Community housing has received significant government support as the issue of housing affordability continues across the country. Government support can make many forms, and through this funding we are able to increase the supply of affordable housing.

Government funding includes:

  • Grants to fund construction of new housing
  • Opportunities to manage the tenancy and maintenance of government-owned rental housing
  • In some cases (such as transitional housing) ongoing funding to support a particular housing program

Our long-term housing programs remain viable due to the rental income paid by tenants, and the Commonwealth Rent Assistance (CRA) subsidy.

The community housing model ensures Housing Choices can draw on other forms on investment to complement government funding, allowing more homes to be built and for the increase of social and affordable housing stock.

Additional investment can come from:

  • Private finance raised by Housing Choices
  • Our own resources
  • Contributions by others with an interest in affordable housing such as philanthropists, local government
    or support providers