How we partner with businesses

Housing Choices takes a highly professional, corporate approach to creating strategic business opportunities that will grow the organisation and secure housing for new and existing tenants into the future. We are always looking for new opportunities to partner with other organisations to increase the supply of quality, affordable housing stock for disadvantaged Australians.

Partner stories

Our mission is to forge quality, sustainable and mutually beneficial business partnerships across Australia. From 2012 to 2014 we completed the development of 38 National Rental Affordability Scheme (NRAS) properties across Tasmania. We worked with small-scale developers under a turn-key delivery mode to deliver small (three to seven unit) developments in existing infill locations or new housing subdivisions.

Housing Choices has in-depth knowledge of NRAS reporting requirements and completed the due diligence for the project, including valuations, legal and financial, and engaged local contractors to provide defect reports and quality control. This was undertaken in partnership with the developers in a transparent process.

We work to the highest standards: for all of these developments we applied Housing Choices Design Standards and undertook design reviews to control the specification of materials, fittings and finishes.

Make a partnership enquiry

To talk to us about our partnership approach or to discover how we can work together, call us on 1300 312 447 and ask to speak with our Partnerships Officer, alternatively your can email our Partnerships Officer and she will return you email within 2 working days.