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1 day ago

Even if your garden is a balcony, home is what you make it. Housing Choices Victorian resident Rae was recently awarded the "Best Balcony Garden" in this years Victoria In Bloom competition run by the Victorian Department of Health & Human Services. Proud of her work and cultivation skills, we asked Rae what home means to her:

"Home is where you can feel safe, loved, self-actualised. A full belly, people who love you and who you love back whilst you live with purpose and hope. Home is where you can see the stars in the night sky and hear the birds morning chorus when you wake. Where you can smell the sweetness of the rain hitting the grasses and the tilled soil. It's where you can hear your own thoughts and sing like nobody is listening.

That's #HomeToMe."
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4 days ago

A little while ago, Damien was among a group of South Australia residents who, with support from Writers SA, produced a book of poetry called Perfect.
Damien, who previously experienced living in boarding houses, harnessed his emotions and talents to write about what a stable home meant to him. Here’s what he said:
"It may be shelter;
Small like a cave;
Cave paintings that show how to hunt with the tribe;
Because this building is like art;
An environment where I'm encouraged to paint;
Where my hand is steady;
Where my hand-eye coordination returns;
From the balcony I can see homeless people;
Playing their game of cards;
Laying the cards they're dealt;
We all have the potential;
We need to find the confidence, the resources;
Life is short;
Full of miracles;
A home."
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