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Support Services

Effective support and community service relationships are vital to the work that Housing Choices Australia undertakes in creating safe, stable and thriving tenancies for our residents. From this foundation people can engage in opportunities to explore their potential and to participate in their community.

Housing Choices Australia partner with a range of support providers and community service organisations to share experiences, connect with residents and explore opportunities to improve the way in which we support residents in line with their needs.

We currently work with over 100 partners (both formal and informal) across a wide variety of sectors including disability, mental health, homelessness, family violence and community support and development. The breadth and diversity of our relationships means we are able to respond to both the immediate and longer term needs of our residents and find the best ways to provide support and housing services.

Staying connected with partners and stakeholders is essential in developing the relationships that facilitate a shared understanding of the needs of our mutual clients.

Housing Choices Australia continues to foster new partnerships as new needs emerge.