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Housing Choices Spence on Light

Spence on Light, Adelaide

About the Project

Completed in 2020, HCA pioneered high rise living for seniors and residents living with a disability, at the $25 million Spence on Light project in Adelaide’s CBD, offering 75 apartments over 13 floors. The project incorporates a heritage site, City Mission on Light Square – a location that has long provided support and care to the most vulnerable in the community.

This is a partnership between Housing Choices Australia, South Australian Government and aged care provider ACH Group. The South Australian Government committed $14.5 million to purchase 40 one-and-two bedroom apartments which are managed by HCA. A further 16 apartments were purchased by ACH Group to support older people.

It sets a new standard of living for older residents who enjoy light and airy homes that are on the doorstep to transport, open space, schools, health facilities and support services.

Resident, Spence on Light

What is Community Housing?

Over 100,000 Australian households currently live in community housing-owned and managed homes. They are from all walks of life - single people, couples, young families, older women, newly arrived Victorians and people living with a disability.

The community housing sector is a long standing and vital component of the Australian housing spectrum, alongside public housing and private housing. ‘Social housing’ is an umbrella term that includes both public housing and community housing. It generally indicates housing that involves some degree of rental subsidy. In South Australia, public housing is owned and managed by Housing SA. Community housing is owned or managed by non-government, not-for-profit, registered housing agencies like Housing Choices.

Community housing providers are regulated by the State and hold specialist expertise in property development, property management, tenancy management and community development. We provide safe and secure homes to those who live on low incomes, often living with disability. We are committed under our charter to deliver safe, secure and affordable homes to low-income renters, help residents maintain stable tenancies, and ensure they have access to support services and live in communities that will improve their circumstances and life opportunities.

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