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Nightingale Ballarat

Nightingale Ballarat

About the Project

Nightingale Ballarat is the first regional Nightingale project. Located on Davey Street, Ballarat, the project includes one, two and three-bedroom apartments as well as a shared rooftop garden and commercial space at the ground floor.

Housing Choices purchased six dwellings across the development, including four specialist disability apartments. The remaining homes were allocated to the pre-existing Nightingale purchaser list. Applicants were drawn from the Victorian Housing Register.

The Nightingale Ballarat offers a world first opportunity to understand the benefits of social and affordable tenancies within an owner occupier development featuring outstanding environmentally sustainable design, a development model delivering capped investor profit margins, low running costs for tenants and a community atmosphere promoting social and economic inclusion.

The collaboration with Nightingale Housing continues, with additional collaboration across the Nightingale Anstey, Nightingale Village and Bowden developments.

Residents, Housing Choices Australia

What is Community Housing?

Over 100,000 Australian households currently live in community housing-owned and managed homes. They are from all walks of life - single people, couples, young families, older women, newly arrived Victorians and people living with a disability.

The community housing sector is a long standing and vital component of the Australian housing spectrum, alongside public housing and private housing. ‘Social housing’ is an umbrella term that includes both public housing and community housing. It generally indicates housing that involves some degree of rental subsidy. In Victoria, public housing is managed by Homes Victoria. Community housing is owned or managed by non-government, not-for-profit, registered housing agencies like Housing Choices.

Community housing providers are regulated by the State and hold specialist expertise in property development, property management, tenancy management and community development. We provide safe and secure homes to those who live on low incomes, often living with disability. We are committed under our charter to deliver safe, secure and affordable homes to low-income renters, help residents maintain stable tenancies, and ensure they have access to support services and live in communities that will improve their circumstances and life opportunities.

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