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What is the Community Housing Growth Program?

What is the Community Housing Growth Program?

The Tasmanian Government’s Community Housing Growth Program (CHGP) was announced in early 2020 as the next step towards further improving the service provision of social housing in Tasmania.

The CHGP will see the transfer of management of a further 2,000 public housing dwellings to Community Housing providers like Housing Choices Tasmania. In addition, organisations such as Housing Choices Tasmania will be able to access capital grant funding from the Tasmanian Government to further contribute to the supply of much needed social housing across Tasmania.

What dwellings are being transferred to Housing Choices Tasmania?

From Monday 8 November 2021, Housing Choices Tasmania will take over the management of 475 dwellings across a range of north west suburbs including Devonport, Smithton, Stanley and Ulverstone. These transfers will add to our existing portfolio of close to 1,600 dwellings throughout Tasmania, with around 1,300 located across the North West. Our local offices in Devonport and Shorewell Park will support the management of these newly transferred homes.

How will the transfer improve your tenancy experience?

Housing Choices Tasmania has operated in Tasmania for more than 11 years and has proven experience in providing quality tenancy and property management services together with community and tenant engagement activities and events.

Our recent Resident Satisfaction Survey showed an 87% satisfaction rate amongst our existing residents and we’re looking forward to delivering the same great service to our new residents.

Housing Choices Tasmania provides a high quality service to tenants, which is hallmarked by:

  • A responsive and helpful Housing Management Team
  • Housing Officers that are allocated to a small portfolio of residents
  • A 1300 free-call number for residents
  • A dedicated Maintenance Team
  • An after-hours emergency maintenance service
  • A responsive approach to maintenance work that utilises local contractors
  • A dedicated Community Development Team
  • Initiatives and events to improve community and tenant engagement
  • A network of place-based offices throughout the state, including in the North West
  • Building new homes in areas of high housing demand

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