Get involved

Housing Choices Tasmania encourages residents to get involved by contributing to their community.

Resident advisory committees

Housing Choices’ has a Resident Advisory Committee (RAC) for each state we operate in. This is supported by a National Advisory Committee that reviews the activities of all state committees and provides advice on national policies. The committees represent the diverse needs of our residents, raise broad issues that affect residents and encourage community development.

The state committees has 12 members and meet every two months. The national committee meets every six months.

Community meetings

We also hold social meetings in most of our larger communities. Residents and staff can meet one another, discuss common issues and propose solutions. Housing Choices Tasmania also gives updates on housing and maintenance issues so everybody is informed. Sometimes we invite a guest speaker to the meetings too!

Resident community fund

The Resident Community Fund provides people with the opportunity to turn their own ideas or vision for their community into reality. It’s a chance for residents, support agencies and Housing Choices Tasmania to work together to do what you want to do!

Residents with help from an incorporated community group or support agency can apply for small grants for projects that will benefit the wider community in the larger suburbs of East Devonport, Shorewell Park, Acton, Somerset, Latrobe and West Ulverstone. Housing Choices Tasmania hope to expand the program into other suburbs across the State in the future.

Examples of projects that may attract funding under this Program include:

  • community gardens
  • cooking classes
  • budgeting programs
  • environmental initiatives
  • group education and training
  • park benches or seating in communal areas
  • art and craft groups
  • parents’ group excursions
  • exercise or recreation groups

Applications are reviewed by the Community Development Team and the Resident Advisory Committee. If your project goes ahead, you will need to tell us when your project is complete. This is so we can make sure the grant was successful and can measure the impact it has had on the community.

To find out more about the Resident Community Fund contact the Community Development Team in Tasmania on 1300 312 447.