We actively partner with research bodies and academics to inform the policy environment and encourage innovation. Housing Choices also commissions research into policy reforms and trends in social housing.

Age-friendly housing

With Australia’s ageing population in mind, Housing Choices is taking part in a national Australian Research Council project called Space of Ageing with Monash University’s Faculty of Art, Design & Architecture. It is a research initiative designed to rethink housing and neighbourhood systems for older people. This project is developing replicable models across a variety of scales including retrofits, upgrades, medium-density and larger-precinct masterplans. The emphasis of these models is integration, rather than the prevalent aged-care models that tend to increase isolation and separation from the rest of the housing market. The models also address efficient service provision.

Affordable housing

Housing Choices is an industry partner in the cross-sectoral Transforming Housing research project funded by the University of Melbourne’s Carlton Connect Initiative. This is a four year ‘action research’ project, running from 2014 to 2018, to create industry partnerships that enable the piloting and evaluation of innovative policies and programs to expand the amount and quality of affordable housing in Australia.

Tackling housing problems in difficult times

In Australia we are facing growing cities, ageing populations, welfare reforms, rising inequality and a slowing down in our economy. We need a housing policy that addresses multiple the problems of different groups. This includes middle-income households who are ageing, those on a low income, often renting, to people with disabilities and homeless people.

The Berry Award

Created in 2015 by Housing Choices and the Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute (AHURI), the Professor Mike Berry Award for Excellence in Housing Research honours the outstanding contribution made by Professor Mike Berry to the affordable-housing sector in Australia, and to Housing Choices and AHURI in particular. Known as The Berry, the award is presented each year for the best piece of new research at the Australasian Housing Researchers Conference.



Associate Prof. Daphne Habibis


Dr Kath Hulse
Swinburne University


Dr Rebecca Bentley
University of Melbourne

Associate Professor Emma Baker 
University of Adelaide

Housing Choices’ research and presentations

Housing Choices Australia frequently commissions research into policy reforms and socio-economic challenges. This has recently included work on the National Disability Insurance Scheme, the ageing population, trends in social housing demographics and social return on investment.