New developments

Recently completed or acquired homes

Albert Street, Sebastopol

Completed late last year, this four-unit development is a great example of carefully designed community housing. The development has four, two bedroom units and a carer’s unit which has direct access to two of the units. This allows people with physical and intellectual disabilities to live independently while accessing care when necessary.

Each of the units has a private courtyard area and access to the community garden. There is also parking for the minivan at the rear of the property. There is a great sense of both privacy and connection within these units. The busy street address is carefully screened and moderated against edited views to the private courtyard, community gardens, and towards the neighbouring units. The development project was completed with McCallum Disability Services and DHHS.

Size: Four x two bedroom units, plus 1 carers unit
Public Transport: Within 500 metres to bus stop
Disability access: Full disability access
Distance to the city: Approximately 5.5km to Ballarat City Centre

Dorking Road, Box Hill

The property at 127 Dorking Rd Box Hill was identified as a great candidate for redevelopment. We had a large four-bedroom house with a large backyard as our canvas. We were able to construct two brand new townhouses at the rear of the property, facing Wimmera St, by removing one of the bedrooms at the rear of the existing house.

The first townhouse is a two bedroom plus study, with living areas upstairs. The second townhouse is a two bedroom, with living areas upstairs. Both townhouses have large balconies facing the park across the road, and solar hot water to improve energy efficiency. Construction commenced in March 2015 and was the project was completed in October 2015.

By completing this project, we were able to turn one underutilized house into three housing outcomes.

Size: One x two bedrooms plus study, one x two bedrooms, original house is now three bedrooms plus study
Public Transport: Approximately 50m to bus stop
Disability access: No disability access
Distance to the city: Approximately 20km to Melbourne City Centre

Westbank Terrace, Richmond

Opened in August of 2015, The Veterans Accommodation Project is believed to the first of its kind in Australia to address the specific needs of young veterans who need additional support after serving their country.

The project is a collaboration between Housing Choices Australia, the Victorian Government and the RSL.

Size: One x one bedroom, four x two bedrooms
Public Transport: Less than 200m to tram stop
Disability access: One bedroom unit on the ground floor is wheelchair accessible
Distance to the city: Approximately 6km to Melbourne City Centre

Cherry Court, Canadian

With construction commencing in December of 2014, and opened in August of 2015. Cherry Court is a five bedroom Shared Supported Accommodation (SSA) dwelling with additional accommodation for staff.

The development is purpose built for people with a range of physical and intellectual disabilities.

Size: Five bedrooms plus carers room
Public Transport: Approximately 650m to bus stop
Disability access: Full disability access
Distance to the city: Approximately 4.5km to Ballarat City Centre

Under construction

The Housing Choices Australia group currently has four projects under construction which will be completed by the end of 2016. These projects respond to a range of tenant needs including housing for people with a disability and veterans’ accommodation. We will start more new developments in the coming months.

In addition to these new developments and redevelopments, Housing Choices Australia is engaging in urban renewal projects on larger social-housing sites. On these sites the emphasis will be placed on connecting tenants to their neighbourhoods.


Existing sites under construction

La Trobe Close, North Melbourne

The La Trobe Close refurbishment project based in North Melbourne has allowed HCA the opportunity to take a building from the 1970s and extend its life. The apartment complex was originally built to accommodate nurses at the Royal Children’s Hospital. We have managed 46 existing dwellings in the complex over the past four years.

The original kitchens and bathrooms had come to a stage where they needed to be overhauled for comfort, health and safety after 40 years of wear and tear.

Following extensive consultation with the residents, we are currently in the process of upgrading the interiors to current standards. The first two stages of this four-part construction project has been completed with residents relocated into the first of 14 units.

The residents are very positive and excited about the renovations after participating in the consultation regarding the interior design fitouts.

Parallel to the interiors being renovated, the exteriors are also undergoing a major upgrade to make the community spaces more resident friendly with a focus on landscaping and personal safety.

Size: 23 x 2 bedroom units, one x studio, one x two bedroom plus study, three x six bedrooms, seven x one bedroom, two x three bedrooms, nine x four bedrooms
Public Transport: 250m to bus stop, 350 to tram stop
Disability access: No disability access
Distance to the city: Approximately 1.5km to Melbourne City Centre

Mason Street, Newport

The redevelopment of our property at 182 Mason Street is currently underway. The old housing stock of two very run down two bedroom houses have been demolished and the construction of four townhouses has commenced. This development will allow two additional tenancies to be provided, with two of the units being two bedroom and the other two, three bedroom. Each of the units has a courtyard and access directly off the main access path. There is car parking available at the rear.

The design of these units is contemporary with careful detailing and consideration of natural light and ventilation. The facades sit neatly amongst an urban context where architectural design is striking and engaging. The high quality finishes are selected for their aesthetic and robust qualities and provide a sense that each unit is special, while ensuring an appropriate level of constraint. At this stage only the framing is visible, but by September the complexity and contrast provided in the design will become apparent in the completed project.

Size: Three x three bedrooms, one x two bedroom units
Public Transport: Less than 200m to bus stop
Disability access: Partial disability access
Distance to the city: Approximately 13.5km to Melbourne City Centre

Rosella Avenue, Werribee

This project is also known as the Wyndham Respite Facility. It will provide accommodation for young adults with Autism on a short term basis, to allow family respite. Wyndham City Council has provided the site and the construction funding has come through DHHS. Aspect will be providing the care. This flagship project has been designed to ensure the best of respite care is available in an region where facilities for Autism are greatly needed.

There was a lengthy design process between Aspect, DHL and DHHS to ensure the facility meets best practice and to ensure all types of people with autism are accommodated. The construction is now well underway and the building should reach lock up in the next few weeks. At this stage, the forms, spaces and materials are apparent and reveal a well thought out design where space light and material selection offer great variety and engagement with the building. Towards Christmas we should see it develop into a completed project.

Size: Five bedrooms plus carers room
Public Transport: Approximately 450m to bus stop
Disability access: Partial disability access
Distance to the city: Approximately 30km to Melbourne City Centre

Ormond Road, East Geelong

Once upon a time 8 ugly, tired old social housing units, located in the dim dark suburbs of east Geelong, were slowly rotting away and falling into a deep depressive state.

The future for these lost souls appeared lost until along came big Jim, and with pencil in hand proceeded to scribe an improvement plan intended to unlock the beauty with in, transforming these ugly ducklings into masterful swans!

With these master stokes of architectural genius in hand the minions from the HCA salt mines went to work, and are now nearing the completion of this miraculous transformation, with the final raising of the phoenix being celebrated in August 2016.

Size: Eight x two bedroom units
Public Transport: Less than 50m to bus stop
Disability access: Full disability access
Distance to the city: Approximately 4.2km to Geelong City Centre