Housing types

Long-term affordable

Housing Choices manages long-term housing properties throughout Victoria, Tasmania and South Australia for people on low and fixed incomes and those with specific housing needs, such as people with a disability.

  • We work with individuals, families, support agencies and government to meet specific housing needs.
  • Our rents are offered at subsidised rates, based either on a discount to the market rent or as a percentage of household income.
  • Allocation of properties is in accordance with household size to ensure an appropriate fit.
  • Properties range from apartments to houses. Most apartments are located within inner city areas and are one and two bedroom.

To apply for affordable housing, simply click here:

Disability and supported

Housing Choices is one of Australia’s leading providers of specialist disability housing.

We dedicate at least 25 per cent of all our tenancies to people with a disability.

We work with our tenants with a disability to provide the best housing and tenancy solution for their needs. All Housing Choices properties are managed by trained housing officers with a specialist supported housing team.

Transitional Housing

Housing Choices assists support agencies to find transitional housing for their clients with disabilities, while longer-term options are explored. There is no direct entry into this housing as referrals come through support agencies.

  • We work with support agencies to ensure clients receive the support and assistance they need for a successful transitional tenancy.
  • Rents are calculated in accordance with Office of Housing guidelines.
  • The tenancy agreement and tenants’ rights are in line with the Residential Tenancies Act (1997).

If you are interested in transitional housing, please contact our support agencies to see if they can help you.

Mixed equity

Our innovative Mixed Equity Program is for people with a disability who require support to live independently in the community and who have some funds to contribute to the purchase of a property.

People in this situation are often excluded from government-subsidised housing due to their assets, but are unable to enter into or maintain home ownership because of their limited income and difficulty in managing the responsibilities of home ownership.

Our Mixed Equity Program has provided secure, long-term housing for 59 households since its inception in 2003 and is the only one of its kind in Victoria.

Typical applicants are individuals with moderate assets, on low incomes (usually a Disability Support Pension) and with few housing options. The program combines applicant assets, funding from government) grants and funding from Housing Choices to purchase and modify long-term secure housing.

Please note: Currently there is no funding for the Mixed Equity program. Registrations of interest are still being accepted however.

We welcome any enquires for further information. You can contact us via email or phone 1300 312 447, alternatively you can fill in the Registration of Interest Mixed Equity form and send back to us so we can ensure we contact you as soon as we have a opening for you.

Shared supported

In partnership with the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services, we have developed a housing construction program to deliver 49 long-term shared housing for people with severe disabilities.

Over the past five years our Shared Supported Accommodation Program has delivered 49 houses across Victoria, each accommodating between five to seven people with disabilities with 24 hour on-site support care. These purpose-built houses have enabled people with disabilities to continue to live within communities and near family networks. A further two houses in our program are under design and construction.

If you are interested in shared supported accommodation, contact the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services to apply for disability support and housing.